AIMIS Robotics undertakes surgeries across a wide range of medical disciplines and moreover provides specific expert procedures in each discipline. Surgical Divisions include Urology, Oncology, Gynaecology and General Surgery including Colorectal, Gastroenterology, Hepatobiliary, Hernia and Bariatric.

Our multidisciplinary teams of surgeons practicing across the US, EU and internationally, operate at AIMIS on a requirements basis of a “patient’s specific problem and surgical requirement”.

This enables AIMIS to have a much larger group of experts with which it partners and provides the benefit of being able to provide patients with a specific expert in a specific field or area of surgical expertise. This is extremely important for difficult or delicate surgeries which require years of highly specialized expertise. All doctors are renown as leaders in their respective fields, and provide years of experience with the da Vinci Xi robotic system which enhances their capabilities to provide the potential to maximize surgical outcomes. Undoubtedly, these internationally leading surgeons are supported locally with medical expert teams for assistance and follow ups.